Dead Rose

“Then why did you bought the rose for?” My sister asked me. The rose resting on the yellow pages of my old diary, it’s crumpled petals turned from bright red to crimson and falling off. Its fragrance lost and its beauty worn out. I gently picked it up and appreciated its beauty. “Because I like […]


She rummaged through her wooden chest, the one her father gave to her to keep her treasures, searching for her tools to fix the cupboard door. Her fingers hit metal, something that felt very familiar. She grabbed it and pulled it out. Here it was. Not the tool but her old spaceship. It was just […]

Heart Wound

“Bruce I am going to jump because I know you will catch me, won’t you?” She trusted him then and she trusted her again today. That time he gave her a wound which healed leaving a big scare on her forehead and today he gave her a wound on her heart that will never heal.

Lie I told myself 15 years ago

Fifteen years ago I lied. And kept repeating it until now. Again and again and again. It was something people wanted to listen, something they wanted to believe; believe in a which unfortunately was a lie. Until fifteen years I look back and felt bad about myself for doing so. But today when I look […]

Chilling Night

In the cold night of December he stood on the edge of the cliff. My hands holding the cold rod of the balcony. As he breathed cloud of smog escaped from his breath. “It’s a cold night. I thought everyone went to bed.” Shabnam asked “Everyone did. Except me.” “What are you doing?” She asked […]

A New Beginning Or An End?

I wonder what death actually is. Is it really the end or a new beginning? Some fear death while some pray for it. For some it is a good friend. For some its the final destination. For some it is a new beginning. For some it is the greatest mystery. For some it is a […]