House on Fire

In this gloomy room where we once lived. A place we called home is now an abandoned apartment. The light flickered, and I could see Alle smiling at me. Not a humorous smile, not a reassuring one but a victory smile one that says – I told you she was a bitch but you never […]

Through The Meshed Window

Next to the window on train I saw a kid all alone. Lost in his old world. Neglecting the environment, unaffected by the crowd and their concerns. The only glowing and innocent face in the compartment. Unlike others who were consumed by lit screens he was absorbed in the passing scenery. His skinny fingers twined […]

A Woman’s Day

She woke up at 3 in the morning with severe cramps and craving for hot chocolate brownie with vanilla icing on top. The pain twisted her guts. It’s been like this since 10 years and this happens every month, she should get immune to it, it should not hurt her anymore. At 12 she has […]

Lost Girl: Batul Dalal

Golden sunlight, clear blue sky and warm breezes. She looked around, there was no one. She was sitting in an abandoned, deserted park all alone on this bench. For the first time she felt the beauty this world comprises of, the beauty which was enclosed in it, the beauty which was finely blended in it. […]

Acid Burns

She was standing in a red chiffon saree, her naval area clearly visible, her skin white as milk and smooth as butter. Her pallu slipped from her shoulders and fell on the ground, she walked forward dragging it on the floor and halting just before the bed. The cold air rustled tree leaves and fluttered […]

A Forgotten Hobby

On father’s day son gave his father his present wrapped in a green gift wrapping paper wishing him a happy father’s day. Thanking him, his father took the present from his son’s hands and stripped the gift wrap. Dumb struck by what was inside he looked at it in astonishment and was lost in his own thoughts for a few seconds. Opening the box, he pulled out the DSLR camera. Holding it in his hands, he paused for a while, and then […]


“Is it difficult?” they ask. “Is it painful?” they ask. I always say “No.” It’s easy. Very easy indeed to fight; to fight in the ring. No, it’s not painful; not painful when you get injured. It’s not difficult to fight. It’s easy to cut yourself loose and let the monster take over. It’s easy […]