“Is it difficult?” they ask. “Is it painful?” they ask. I always say “No.” It’s easy. Very easy indeed to fight; to fight in the ring. No, it’s not painful; not painful when you get injured. It’s not difficult to fight. It’s easy to cut yourself loose and let the monster take over. It’s easy […]

Nocturnal drive

The engine throttles. The cold air hits my face like stabbing needles. I can’t feel the end of my fingers. I am cold, shivering and could see the smoke cloud escape my nose and mouth as I exhale. At day time these roads are jammed with traffic and the busy streets are packed with pedestrians […]

Her birthday

Sitting in front of the idiot box munching snacks I was waiting for the hands of the clock to strike midnight. Beside me on the couch rests the finest party wear from my wardrobe. It is her birthday today. I didn’t get the call for invitation to the party but never mind I’ll still wish […]

Dying daughter

“Am I going to die?” the little girl asked. “Yes, we all are, one day. Sooner or later.” her father replied with tears gleaming in his eyes. “Is it painful, to die?” “For the good ones, it’s easier than falling asleep.” “Will you miss me daddy?” her hands clutching finger of her father. “Every day,” […]

Girl with low blood pressure

Robin could already feel it, her heart drumming on her chest, she was already proud on what she was up to. It was a noble cause, she was saving someone’s life – though indirectly. She stopped at the table and dictated the spelling of her last name to the ward boy which he scribbled along […]

I am a murderer

I am a murderer I murdered people’s trust I am a murderer I murdered people’s hope I am a murderer I murdered people’s dreams My parents sacrificed their needs, their own wishes for mine. They encouraged and appreciated all the things I did. Their world revolved around me. They stopped living for themselves and started […]

Strange Dream

I had this weird dream yesterday. I was standing outside a room locked from the inside. I could hear a woman’s screams from the inside of the room. It was a very familiar voice. I realized it was your voice but in the dream I wasn’t attempting to get inside and was rather pacing back […]